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FAQ'S for Gumasta Registration

It is a registration required for doing any business in the state of Maharashtra. It is a certificate that provides you the authority to do your business at a particular place. Gumasta license is an essential requirement for any company to be recognized by the Government or Bank for all business irrespective of whether a single person or big organization does it.
“Establishment” means a shop, commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theatre, or other place of public amusement or entertainment to which this Act applies and includes such other establishment as the [State] Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare to be an establishment for the purposes of this Act.
Yes, It is made necessary for every business. It is required to make a Shop act license for a new location within 30 days from opening that establishment.
Broadly speaking the premises governed by the Act are shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, clubs, restaurants, eating houses, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment.
We accept documents over e-mail and WhatsApp. Don't worry; we have a 100% confidential policy, and once the work is complete, we will delete the records from our system.
Every Indian state has enacted certain rules and regulations with regard to conditions of work. The objective is to secure uniform benefits for employees working in different establishments, from shops, commercial establishments and residential hotels to restaurants, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment.
No, unfortunately. There are different laws for different regions in the country. So in addition to the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 2018 which we looked at earlier, there is the Delhi Shops and Establishments Act, 1954 and the Karnataka Shops and Establishments Act, 1961 among many, many others.
The establishment of the Central Government and the State Government are exempted from all provisions of the Act.
The Shops Act License is mandatory in some cases for businesses, as long as they qualify as an "Establishment" under the Shops and Establishment Act. If you are running a business in Maharashtra, It is needed to obtain a Shop Act License under the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 2018.
According to the law, any business involved in selling goods or services to customers out of a commercial office becomes liable to register.
The employer of every establishment engaging less than ten workers shall submit an online intimation of commencement of the business along with the required documents. After receiving an Information along with all the documents, a receipt of such intimation in Form ‘G’ shall be issued to the applicant online
Reading the law, it becomes clear that any business which is involved in selling goods or services to customers out of a commercial office becomes liable to register. To repeat the point made earlier then, if you work out of an office and your products or services are sold online, you could exploit the loophole that no customers are purchasing from your shop, and hence registration would not be necessary. If however, you also entertain walk in clients and sell products and services to them, that loop-hole would no longer be available to you to use.
Any commercial establishment, Small or Large, self-employed or professional hires, has to register for Shop Act Registration, also known as Gumasta Registration.
There is no difference between these two. Both are the same used in a different context.
Any such premise where retail or wholesale goods are sold or services provided to people. The following are some establishments which fall under the Shop and Establishments Act Godowns Storerooms Warehouses Restaurants or eating places Workhouses Residential hotels Theatre and other areas of public entertainment The shop act license refers to a type of legal permission that legally allows people to do business in a particular place. This license acts as proof of a particular business being done at that place. Every Shop and commercial establishment, Small or Large, self-employed, or professional hires conducting a business in a state needs to be registered with the state government under the Shop Act before commencing a business. Even if you work from home, you would need to get this license for your business. From the cafe, restaurants to hotels, theatres, retail businesses, etc., every place needs to register within 30 days. For getting a Shop and Establishment Act License, you have to fill up an application form, mentioning the employer's name, establishment, address, and category of the establishment and the number of employees, and other needed information.
Every Shop and commercial establishment conducting a business in a state needs to be registered with the state government under the Shop Act before commencing a business. Shop Act has had its importance and relevance since the day it was incorporated. With the objectives to render legal obligations and rights to employees and employers. An Act to merge and modify the law relating to the regulation of work and employment conditions in shops, commercial establishments, restaurants, eating houses, theatres, residential hotels, other places of public amusement or entertainment, and other establishments.


What is a Gumasta License?

Gumasta license is a type of registration required to do any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. To start any type of business in Maharashtra, entrepreneurs require Gumasta License. This license is governed by Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and/or Labour Department under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 2017. Gumasta License provides the authority to entrepreneurs to start their businesses at a particular place, area or location that exists anywhere in Maharashtra, India.

Who needs to obtain a Gumasta License?

Gumasta License is required to be obtained by business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, public and private limited companies, sole proprietorship, partnerships and LLPs that want to open physical shops, hotels or commercial places in Maharashtra.

Gumasta License is necessary for all businesses employing less than 9 employees (Intimation Certificate will be issued) OR business having 10 or more workers(Gumasta Certificate verified by authority) in a shop or establishment. This certificate or license helps in the regulation of the benefits of employees in the condition or situation they work and aspects regarding payment and rules of their employment. This license or certificate is the basic or mandatory requirement to get recognized by all the banks and NBFCs working for people in Maharashtra.

Components of Gumasta License or Registration
   Name and year of establishment
   Nature of business
   Name of the employer
   Other related details and information


As the license for establishing any form of shop and establishment is governed by the Maharashtra council, an applicant requires the Gumasta License to carry out any work coming under the purview of the establishment. There are different benefits of taking a Gumasta license in Maharashtra:

Tax and Subsidies

Once this license is taken out the applicant can avail different forms of tax and subsidies that are offered by the government of Maharashtra. Such tax and subsidies would only be available to the applicant after securing the Gumasta License.


Once the applicant takes out the Gumasta License in Maharashtra, the applicant can start the operations of the business. This not only serves the purpose of a license but also acts as proof for carrying out business operations.

Compliance with Law

Any business requiring registering under the respective shops and establishments act would have to comply with the requirement of taking a Gumasta License in Maharashtra.

Bank Account

Once this license is taken out, the applicant can easily open a bank account. One of the main reasons for securing this form of license is that many businesses carry out transactions and require a bank account. Banks require the applicant to have this form of license to open a bank account for the business.

Cancellation of Gumasta Certificate/License

If an applicant or existing certificate holder wants to cancel the license, he/she shall

Submit a notice that should contain his/her statement, as he/she wants to cancel license or registration.

Secondly, if the employer fails to submit his/her statement along with documents within 10 days from the date of receipt of the notice, his/her registration may get cancelled.